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uncompresion=off Sound: Audio: English: French: Portuguese: Italian: Polish: Spanish: German: Subtitles: Subtitle: Hungarian: Greek: And to complete the package, you get an Italian American lawyer who wants to be an author: Romanian: Actualizare: 25 mai 2011 First two DVDs came in the mail and were played. The second one was a little slow and froze up on several occasions. I turned it off and on several times, hoping it was just one of the eight or so episodes that were playing (and trying to keep the series fresh in my mind) and that the third would be a smoother experience. It was actually one of the easier ones for me to get through and I felt like I got through it quicker than I thought I would. The producers are great and are indeed related to the real John F. Kennedy. However, I can't say they are as good as Timothy Crouse was in "The Boys on the Bus." They have some good interviews with the key players and some interesting comments from historians and academics. But the material is just too dry. You really don't get a sense of the fun of that 1960's America or really the Kennedy's and the Kennedy clan. I wasn't really looking for a set of tapes that just plain old told me all about the Kennedy's, really, the whole set of tapes was supposed to be the Kennedy's from birth to death and they didn't get to the grave to see the vaults open and all the things we'd be able to learn about them from a grave tour. Tigerhawk's Movie Reviews Recent Reviews Evil Dead 2Remake: Too "bloody" for its own good There's a scene in Army of Darkness where Ash is being attacked by a room full of skeletons and some of them hit him with their swords. Ash catches two of them with his chainsaw and cuts off their arms with a machete. That scene was pretty much my reaction to Army of Darkness: a cheap shot. The first Evil Dead was a lot of fun and you can never take too many cheap shots at your movie villains. (I've actually played that scene with the human




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Saajan1991hinid720pdvdripx264ac3hon3y takeama

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