Reminders, Defeats

When your past renders you fearful of real connections, yet that's what you seek, it may seem as if life will never feel complete. You'll continue to leave, to search, and likely to find that your perpetually new-found happiness is short-lived as it, at its core, is hollow. Unable to fill the void by running away, you realize you have to face it down, and be broken down by it and raw, to truly begin to heal. EXTRA: We almost cancelled the shoot that day, due to rain. Then it let up to a slow drizzle and seemed like the perfect backdrop. We also got to use a drone for the first time, which was a lot of fun (if only we charged it before using it... thankfully we got some good drone shots in the 15 minutes of battery time we had!). We did the slow-motion scene in one take, due to the intense impact it had on us. No acting there. To make sure we were all in a good "place" before going home, we went out for dinner afterwards. It's important to reel yourself back in after a performance such as this.

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Trevor Gray and Jason Fox
Danced by Micaela Aquino, Mia Emmert and Nadine Medina
Music by Jesse Marchant

Sound & Color

Relationships have ups and downs. There may be a time at which you have to make a conscious decision to either stay or work on it or walk away. Neither choice is easy. EXTRA: This was filmed in Micaela's home. We used a great corner in her place, and all furniture was moved behind the camera. Also, due to injuries, this video took 9 months from concept to filming. The move where Nadine is lifted around Trevor's left shoulder happened by mistake in the studio. When rolling her up his arm, as planned, she kept going and twirled around his shoulder and onto his back. It looked really cool, so it stayed. Also, the resolution at the end was decided upon on the spot. The last 30 seconds were true improv, with neither person knowing what the other was about to do.

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Jason Fox and Dorothy Boice
Danced by Trevor Gray and Nadine Medina
Music by Alabama Shakes


Sometimes it's fun to dance without a story, and do something hard-hitting and powerful. So, that's just what we did! And the lighting was perfect on the river, across from the studio. Trevor's steady hand and on-the-spot decisions about panning, etc. were perfection.

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Trevor Gray
Danced by Mia Emmert, Micaela Aquino, and Nadine Medina
Music by Flo Rida


A piece about fear of connections. When one person is losing ground, and eventually the other loses faith. EXTRA: The video took place in the choreographer's backyard. The original videographers had a conflict that required us to find a solution with the video shoot being only 2 days out. So instead of rescheduling, we pulled together and filmed it ourselves. It would be the first of many times the group did this. The 4-bench scene was not in the original plan, as that part of the dance was to occur in the creek. However, that scene was modified since filming took place in a VERY cold November. Also impressive, the group learned ALL their parts in only ONE rehearsal.

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Nadine Medina, Jason Fox, Dorothy Boice, and Trevor Gray
Danced by Louisa Barta, Karin Nosal, Dorothy Boice, Jeremy Brownell, Nadine Medina, Jonah Vitale-Wolff, Micaela Aquino, and Trevor Gray
Music by Elliot Moss


Summer Heels Class and Chairlesque Class Video to "Poison"

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Chromoscope Pictures
Danced by Group 1: Alyssa Lauder, Halie Joslin, Liu Zhou, Group 2: Katherine Eberhardt, Brianne Fuller, Stephanie Dutton, Virginia Rinehart, Kelly Jeanmaire, Group 3: Amber Barnaby, Denise Breen, Kaleigh Ricks, Kristyn Muller, Lyoni Fisher Group 4: Nadine Medina, Virginia Rinehart, Kelly Jeanmaire
Music by Brent Faiyaz

"6 Inch"

A special project expressing unity, strength, and support. It was the largest of our productions to date, originally slated to include 100 women! We danced on top of a parking garage, and production involved 2 cameras and a drone. The entire piece was learned in about 5 or 6 rehearsals.

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Chromoscope Pictures
Danced by Nadine Medina, Dorothy Boice, Micaela Aquino, Olga Bogdanova, Gabriella Madrid, Kaleigh Ricks, Maura Marcks, Jessie Pellerin, Denise Breen, Kristyn Muller, Erin Washington, Amanda Blount, Kelly Jeanmaire, Nicole Richard, Haley Kwak, Virginia Rinehart, Jennifer Yetman, Kristen Solberg, Raya Ioffe, Tara Rainstrom, Carolyn Burgess, Alaina McNuggett, Brianne Fuller, Karin Nosal, Amber Dier
Music by Beyonce

"Be Ready"

Intermediate-Advanced Chairlesque, Advanced Hip Hop, Beginner Chairlesque, and Heels. Thanks Takk House for letting us use the space!

Choreographed by Nadine Medina
Filmed by Chromoscope Pictures
Danced by Caitlin Abram, Micaela Aquino, Amber Barnaby, Denise Breen, Jeremy Brownell, Carolyn Burgess, Stephanie Dutton, Lyoni Fisher, Brianne Fuller, Katie Giarratano, Kim Goldstein, Trevor Gray, Emily Howard, Raya Ioffe, Kelly Jeanmaire, Ella Madrid, Alaina McCreary, Erin Mergil, Nicole Richard, Virginia Rinehart, Samantha Rivet, See-Won Seo, Laura Shappell, Luke Switzer
Music by Brian Puspos