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In an effort to promote a greater representation of Black dancers, we have created programs to provide free classes to communities that are both disenfranchised and primarily comprised of people of color.

We strongly encourage you to learn the many contributions to dance, and the barriers to entry into dance for Black and Brown individuals based on the color of their skin. Please visit the resources provided below.


We have Black culture and history to thank for tap dance! Thank you William Henry Lane, John W. Sublett, and the countless other Black dancers who paved the way and gifted the world with tap.


We have Black culture and history to thank for vernacular jazz dance! Vernacular jazz, and many styles under its wing, has a rich history with origins in traditional African movement and rhythms.

Hip Hop

Black and Latinx people brought us Hip Hop and it's so important to learn how it came to be. A more modern style than other dance genres, we are lucky to have so much documentation on its history and evolution.


From being barred from performances, told to dance in whiteface, and other horrendously racist barriers to entry, Black dancers have historically had to make their own paths in ballet.

Click on the photos to learn more about the tap dancer featured.
Visit our growing YouTube playlist featuring these giants of dance, and know that it is a privilege to dance in the paths they paved as you experience the astonishing talent that they possess.
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